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Bringing spaces under control.

BG Door International offers high end solutions for temperature controlled areas. From tailor-made ripening room doors for tropical fruits to an isolated roll door for arranging your refrigeration and workflow. By combining quality products and innovative techniques we offer tailor made solutions to service customers worldwide. Together with specialists and customers we create optimum results in cooling, storage and ripening.


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BG Door International


Gastight doors supplied from the early beginning


Countries we supplied to


TEU amount containers we load from our facility each year in average


Panels we produce each year to replace damaged ones

World’sleading supplier

Quality equipment is a precondition for optimum results in cooling and ripening. For over 30 years, our perfectly insulated ripening room doors and room interiors ensure satisfactory performance for a wide range of tropical fruits, including bananas.

BG Door International specializes in a wide range of gas-tight doors using high-grade insulation materials and seals. Thorough assessments of customers’ requirements enables us to prepare exclusive solutions for world leading clients. Making sure you’re always in control.

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Tailor made

Knowing what you want to reach is important during the whole process from design stage to delivery. Thanks to our broad experience and close cooperation with major industry specialists, we offer exclusive tailor made solutions.

Our tailor-made advice is the starting point for successful projects. Which system do you prefer? How much room is available? Do you have a new plant, production hall or facility expansion under discussion? Which produce should be stored or conditioned?

Additional services


Consultancy before, during and after the project.


Supply and assembly of special designed doors & equipment.


Quick service and maintenance, with or without local back-up.

Our office

From our home base in Barendrecht, close to Rotterdam Port, we work on the development and production of our tailor-made products. With our associated partner Van der Heiden Systems and other key suppliers we deliver innovative solutions for any requirements related to pre-cooling, storage and ripening equipment.

Our production force

Meet the people behind our products. Our team of production and assembly specialists are dedicated to produce with passion ensuring our innovative solutions and tailor-made parts and products will be ready to be installed.

Our field engineers

Our on-site installers are the people you might meet in person. Highly skilled field engineers install our products and equipment at your facility and help to complete the installation of your project.

Quality Management System

Quality equipment is a precondition for optimum results . To be in control, we need to be committed to delivering services of high quality and efficiency. That’s why we are now certified for  ISO 9001:2015 quality management and VCA/SCC*2017/6.0 safety.

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Thanks to our broad experience and close cooperation with major specialists we can offer you several disciplines.

Working at BG Door International

Working at BG Door International and its partners means working at an international operating company with a strong technical background. Dutch Design doors and equipment made in Holland, that’s where we stand for. We produce high quality products, invent innovative techniques and offer tailor made solutions to service customers worldwide. Are you helping us bringing spaces under control?

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